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Just picture it. It’s midsummer. You’ve made the three hour journey from the remote, private valleys of Strathconnon to Dunnet Head at John O’Groats. You came to see the RSPB’s largest reserve in the UK. You’ve had a bonanza of puffins, razorbills, guillemots, kittiwakes and shags when somebody mentions that the Northern Lights will be visible from this spot in just a few hours. If you were staying at a hotel or self-catering cottage you’d have to think about heading back — missing your one opportunity to view that legendary natural lightshow from mainland Britain.

But with a motorhome, you won’t miss a thing.

Northern Lights
  • The freedom to see more
    The Freedom to see more

    Wake up and watch the sunrise blooming across the horizon on some snowy plateau in the Cairngorms and go to bed watching the same sun sink into the deep, sparkling blue waters of the Moray Firth from the sand dunes in Lossie.

  • The freedom to travel further
    The Freedom to travel further

    With a motorhome you have the freedom and the time to explore without any of the inconvenience or hassle of camping. The decision to stay or go can be made at the drop of a hat. You have total freedom and total control.

  • The freedom to enjoy
    The Freedom to enjoy

    Most flexible travel option breathtaking adventure holidays, extended tours, sports getaways, romantic runaways, game fishing, golfing, skiing, whisky tasting, dolphin watching, mountain biking, hiking or even a spot of all of them!

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